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10 Profitable Business Ideas in Dubai

Do you wish to start a business in Dubai? Are you looking for profitable ideas for your business in Dubai? So here is a list of 10 profitable business ideas in Dubai.

Real estate

This is the prime business in Dubai. Real estate business is the most sorted business in Dubai because it has a large contribution of almost 22% to Dubai’s GDP. Yes it looks quite profitable. So you just need to look out for an ideal property to invest in, get hold of it and then finally have an idea of the possible return you might get from it. If you are sure that it is suitable for you, then you should take a step forward and make an investment there. You can also build a real estate platform online by creating an app online that will help the prospective buyers as well as tenants with the latest details regarding real estate. You can thus make your business grow faster by reaching out to more people through your online app.


Many business firms are always looking for options of advertising and marketing offline as well as online. So for creative individuals investing in an advertising agency is a great option. Before you start with this business you should have a good knowledge about what type of advertising agency you wish to establish and what are the services that you want to offer to your clients. Picking up a niche and have all your concentration on it is very vital. So if you wish to be popular as a producer of videos that go viral on YouTube or may be creator of advertisements with social message, then let any one of your service be looked upon as a flagship for the other services.


Before you invest in a restaurant business you should first be sure who will be your customers. It might look fruitful to target native population but if you aim for a crowd of foreigners then your income will be high and also very quick. So you can either specialise in serving Continental or even run a Thai restaurant that will catch the attention of a large population of tourists apart from Dubai’s citizen.  Moreover you should also opt for such a location for your restaurant that is very busy and then make the decor very interesting. So invest in this business and excite different taste buds.


If you love to travel, then the best option for you is a tourism company. Dubai is one such popular tourist destination for varied travellers that this business will surely prosper. People are seen to visit Dubai every year for the shopping festival apart from the beaches and nightlife that attract them. So by running a travel agency in Dubai you can aid travellers with each and every formality such as VISA, hospitality as well as cruise boats. But if you are running short of capital for making an investment, you can begin your business as a tour guide. Then slowly you can make your own company once you have made enough money.

Car rental

It is a very profitable business in Dubai. It requires huge management skills. So if wish to set up a car rental service then you can build up tie-ups with travel agencies, hotels and resorts as well as tour operators in order to get hold of clients. But it requires huge investment as you need to keep your cars ready for rent. The cars must be well maintained and also appoint professionals who can look after the repairing works. The cars must be insured and have all the legal procedures done properly in order to make the business run for a long time.

Beauty and Hair salon

Women visit the salon to take proper care of their hair, face, nails as well as feet. People of Dubai are very much conscious about their beauty.

Before you start this business in Dubai, look out for the requirements. You should also have a great idea about organic products so that you can inform your customers about them and make them more interested in the service that you offer.

Event management

Dubai is the most popular place for events such as New Year parties as well as award functions from across the world. The craze for destination wedding also makes Dubai a desired place among many people. So if you have skills of management as well as public relation you can create an event management company with the help of right contacts. Moreover taking care of an event is a huge responsibility, so you should know how to manage things as well as emergencies that might appear. You need to be creative and have marketing as well as risk management skills too.

Oil and gas

This is an influencing industry in Dubai. Various operations such as exploration, extraction as well as transportation and distribution are making huge revenues for different investors. But it demands huge investment and services. So you can look out for those segments that offer small as well as medium scales ideas for business. This business start-up will require a good planning as well as market and you can thus invest over here as it will offer lucrative opportunities for investment.

Digital marketing

Dubai is having a good growth of digital marketing. So to start your own business you need to have a goal and niche in which you wish to work. You should also maintain a good relation with your clients as they will be giving you the payments for your work. Build up your own ideas along with a portfolio that will tempt more clients.

Nightclubs and bars

Dubai has a happening nightlife. After a tiring week, everyone wishes to relax and enjoy themselves at the well-known nightclubs as well as bars in Dubai. To get rid of the stress and to have a great time with their close ones, they visit the bars and spend some great time together over some drinks. So you can definitely set up a night life entertainment club or a bar in Dubai. Many tourists who come on a vacation to Dubai will also be attracted by these nightclubs and bars. But you need to be sure that you have the required licenses to start off your business.

Thus the list of business ideas that will bring you profit can go on. So you should realise where your interest lies apart from thinking about the profit. If you follow your dreams and make investment in it, then for sure your returns from the business will be quite huge.

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