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Expo 2020 Dubai – Upcoming Business Opportunities

It is still quite some time away, yet the global populace cannot stop talking about it! Yes, indeed, the focus is on the upcoming Expo, which will be on display from October 20, 2020 until April 10, 2021, at Dubai! As for the residents of Dubai, they have not stopped celebrating their victory of bagging the prestigious place of ‘host’ for the world fair! It is commendable that 116 members of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) agreed with Dubai as being the perfect place for the event, as against 47 members, who favored Yekaterinburg in Russia.

The BIE oversees, regulates and selects the host for the Expo. It was Minister of State, Reem Al Hashemi’s inspiring videos highlighting the infrastructure, stability and diversity of Dubai, which had contributed majorly towards the world looking at UAE with a wonderfully favorable eye. The best part is that Dubai is like a representation of South Asia, Middle East and North Africa in this scenario, and has therefore, brought honor to this combined region.

Defining an Expo

It is an exhibition of advancements made in the arenas of art, science, industry and technology. It is a global invitation for nations to highlight their innovative ideas and unique creations for everyone to see and admire. Therefore, once in six years, the global populace comes together to share, care and collaborate. At the same time, not every moment at any Expo is devoted to ‘business’ alone. There are always presentations to watch, cultural programs to enjoy and opportunities to sightsee, too.

The idea for hosting international expositions is not a new one. It has its roots in the 19th century, when Great Britain decided to host a World Expo in 1851. This was the time of the Industrial Revolution, and several nations obtained a chance to display their talents at The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations. Several other global Expos followed, right up to the most recent one in 2015, held at Milan in Italy. It was at such events that the world became acquainted with the typewriter, diesel engine, wireless tram, telegraph, energy saving elevators, solar trees, etc, at such exhibitions.

Expo 2020

Is there something extra special about this particular Expo 2020, which Dubai was so keen to obtain? Yes, there was, since Dubai will be celebrating its 50th birthday around the same time! Naturally, everything will show up on a magnificently grand scale! The Emirate is optimistic that at least 25 million people will flock to the show, with over 70% of them traveling from across the seas. Then again, around 200 participants from 180 nations will display their creations.

The sponsors of the whole event and NGOs will receive top-class treatment too. Naturally, the hospitality industry is in a frenzy to refurbish old quarters or construct new ones, in order to provide accommodation for every visitor who steps into the port city of the Gulf region.

As for the international fair itself, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has allocated land measuring 438 hectares to the same. Additionally, it is located close to the Al Maktoum International Airport within the vicinity of Jebel Ali and equidistant from the airports of Abu Dhabi and Dubai too. The organizers have set up a Dubai Metro route too, at Dubai Marina. It has the capacity to ferry approximately 45000+ people every hour to and from the fair grounds.

Each journey will last just about 16 minutes. People may enter the grounds from any of four major entrances. Finally, visitors may feel awed by the logo for the event, which has derived its inspiration from a 4,000-year-old ring. An archeological team found it at a site in Al Marmum’s desert region of Dubai. The design will let visitors understand how deep-rooted the Arab civilization is, and how it has always provided an apt platform for innovation.

Theme of Expo 2020

Every international fair has had a theme, and so does Expo 2020. This time round, it is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. It implies that even if people are from different cultural backgrounds and have diverse occupations, they should come together for sharing ideas. Creating partnerships amongst various organizations, sectors and geographies, are bound to make long-lasting and meaningful differences to a fast-changing world hovering on destruction through humankind’s fabricated disasters. Future generations are bound to benefit, and be inspired to continue with the face-to-face contacts via similar events.

The main theme has three sub-themes attached to it, such as Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility. As the name suggests, Opportunity refers to the unlocking of fresh possibilities, wherein both, individuals and entire communities could prove to be significant contributors towards the future. Sustainability refers to progress in such a way that there is no compromise with regard to preservation of natural resources, as well the needs of coming generations. As for mobility, there should be improved ways of bringing together people, communities and nations. There should be face-to-face meetings, as well as virtual togetherness.

Outcome of Expo 2020

Admittedly, no one launches a large-scale event without the idea of obtaining a specific outcome in the near future. For instance, there is loads of money going into the improvement of existing infrastructure and launch of new projects. Investors are keen to contribute, since it is a prestigious event for the entire UAE. Residential properties, hotels and serviced apartments may expect a great boost, too. Rents may double and brokers benefit. Buyers are in a hurry to grab the best offers possible.

Job seekers should be able to access good opportunities during the run up to 2020, as well as during the actual event itself. Dubai hopes to create over 300,000 such opportunities. Finally, all the pavilions utilized for the international fair, will come down at the end, in order to make way for an entirely novel suburb, comprising of offices, commercial enterprises and residences. Its title will be Dubai 2020. Thus, it should be a win-win situation all round, both for local businesses and international organizations.

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