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freezone company formation

We at WolfDocs strive to offer the best advice to investors willing to get the most out of their capital. To that end, we have created a registry of the country’s main free zones and the operational advantages offered on each one of them. You might want to sit back and pay attention.

We are about to offer some of our expertise to you about these free zones and why they are so profitable to new investors. Let’s start with the fact that setting up a business operation doesn’t carry the kind of hassle that takes to set up an operation on the mainland.

The main attraction of a Free zone company formation in Dubai is the tax exemption offered on them as well as the unrestricted use of any type of currency. These Free Zone allow full ownership of the company, unlike the ones located on the mainland.

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Obtaining your free zone business license to start operating

As a foreigner, starting a business operation in another nation can be challenging, daunting and intimidating. If you choose to work with us at WolfDocs, we’ll lead the way to safe port to obtain the free zone business license.

After finishing your free zone company formation, we can help you lead the way based on your past dealings and interest on the country to obtain a trade license, a service license or an industrial license.

The trade license will be useful if you wish to work importing or exporting goods, or if you wish to manage a distribution service or just administer storage space.

A service license will allow you to open service-based businesses such as restaurants or hotels.

The industrial license will allow you to set up shop as a manufacturer, but you’ll need to work in compliance with the regulations of the Free Zone Authority.

We're here to help you in Free Zone company formation

As we mentioned earlier, the amount of bureaucracy to deal with if you wish to set up a business operation in Dubai’s free zone is much less than the legal requirements asked for an operation on the mainland.

But it can still result in a complicated issue, especially if you are not familiar with the country’s legal system. At WolfDocs, we will handle every single step of the process, beginning with the prescribed application form.

We can take your business plan and review it to fix it in accordance with realistic goals and to meet the legal standards of the UAE and the regulations applied to free zones. You will need a letter of intent; we can handle the legal terms that you’ll need to make your intentions of doing business in the country as clear as possible.

Free Zone company benefits

In the free zone establishments you can create your company on your own, with a sole shareholder if you wish, but with no more than 50. Unlike the deals managed on the mainland, free zone companies require a minimum investment of at least $280 and your shareholders can be natural persons or legal entities.

The legal openings also allow for foreign companies to expand their operation by opening special branches of their business in these free zones.

The Dubai Airport Free Zone(DAFZ) is closely located to the Sharjah International airport and this particular zone alone brings forward nearly 40% of the gross income of the country.

At WolfDocs, we are aware of these numbers since an ongoing flow of data of established businesses and partnerships we have helped set up are continually generating big returns.

We work as per the guidelines outlined by all the government agencies in the UAE

wolfdocs business setup consultant in Dubai, UAE works closely with all the government agencies
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