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Mainland LLC company formation

Setting up a Limited Liability Company in Dubai is one of the most attractive business investments trends right now, mainly because is one of the ventures that allow for extended ownership on behalf of a single investor. The main reason this niche is one of the more attractive to foreign capitals is due to the fact that these types of companies allow these investors to retain up to 49% of the shares of a company while local investors and sponsors can withhold 51% of the remaining participation by law.

At WolfDocs Consultants we have the necessary expertise to set up an LLC company formation in Dubai that can be used for any commercial purpose.

Your brand new LLC Company will be ready to begin operations after registering it formally before the DED(Department of economic development) and notarising all the legal documents related to its formation such as memorandums of creation, the shareholder structure, and all the legal aspects regulating the partnership.

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LLC: The road to a successful business venture in Dubai

Most of the procedures we handle at WolfDocs to create a limited liability company begin when we gather the legal requirements to form the company. The first thing our business assistants can help you with is by structuring certain documents such as the organization of the shareholders.

According to Dubai’s laws, the legal requirement to form an LLC company is a minimum of two participants and no more than 50.

The amount of money each partner offers on the creation is inconsequential to the state’s registry, but it should be duly noted on the final document since Dubai’s Department of Economic Development will review the procedure and approve it.

The managing structure should also go in writing, with partners choosing to act as chairmen or directly as CEO

Logistics and other business aspects we can assist our clients with -

If you are intent on doing business on Dubai’s mainland but you still haven’t found a suitable local business partner we at WolfDocs can set you up with a candidate to fill in the government requested quota.

After setting shop, we can assist you on request by keeping up with all matters related to registration amendments and renewal of expired licenses.

We can also provide the manpower using our own HR source pool to offer the required employees to handle grunt or office work.

If your business plan needs to be polished, we at WolfDocs Consultants can review it and offer a feasibility report as well as a restructured business plan with more realistic goals grounded on the market you expect to intervene on.

Arranging the physical facilities with all the furniture and amenities needed to work in your office space. You can either choose to offer certain specifications or leave our assistants to offer their best in accordance to your style.

Advantages of an LLC Company on the Mainland

The benefits of creating an LLC company in Dubai is unlimited access to the broad UAE markets that are embracing new business ventures each day. Since investors have no limit on the amounts of money they can bring to the mainland, they can keep pouring money into the country’s economy to create additional branches.

Another benefit is the wide open acceptance of the banking system to work with anyone with investing capital by offering easy to handle corporate services and credit products as you need them.

As times goes by and your operation expands we at WolfDocs Consultants can help you get an investor visa to get social benefits awarded to the nation to those who impulse the economy.

If we help you find a partner, we’ll be the ones dealing with them to allow you to focus on productivity.

We work as per the guidelines outlined by all the government agencies in the UAE

wolfdocs business setup consultant in Dubai, UAE works closely with all the government agencies
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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have WoldDocs prepare required documents. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest.

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Founder & CEO, Shaandeals

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