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trademark registration

A trademark registration is one of the easiest ways to protect the name of your company, your logo or insignia, or your motto or slogan from anybody trying to copy even the slightest feature related to it. And at WolfDocs Consultants we have the right specialists to handle trademark registration service in Dubai.

It’s important to understand on your end that trademarks are used to register specific details about your business. But open features related to creativity cannot be trademarked such as the concept or idea of a business or programming software you can check for copyrights to protect these specific aspects of your brand.

We can help you with trademark registration in Dubai, all you have got to do is hire us and leave it at that. There is nobody else within this industry that will give you the kind of results we do, with the price we are providing.

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Gathering the documents to make your brand unique

In order to create the registration of your brand, we’ll need to gather certain documents that we’ll submit by ourselves to the office of Dubai Customs to avoid you and your associates the hassle of dealing with government officials.

Dubai has a special law regulating the registration of trademarks on the mainland since 1992, and it received a special reform in 2002 when the country began to experience the economic growth.

Since we will be handling the registration process for you, we’ll need a signed power for our team of attorneys to work on your behalf before government agencies. You also need to provide a written statement that offers full details about the costs of injunctions, inspection, and storage related to your business operation, since the brand you are looking to trademark should be closely related to the economic activity you are set out to do

Let’s take a look at some of the process we can help you with

The first thing we’ll need to procure is a prescribed application form and a trademark certificate issued by the Dubai Ministry of Economy. This document is the one that can get a little tricky since it requires some time to be verified by the public office. The certificate itself contains proof that you are not legally transgressing the IP of nobody else in the nation.

As your business consultants at WolfDocs, we can handle that part of the process for you too and submit it to any number of revisions until you are satisfied and in compliance with the rulings of the law.

A detailed paper putting down on writing every significant feature related to your brand is also needed, the best approach about this step is by presenting digital records with the data as well as the graphic aspects related to the creation of the logo if it’s present on the trademark. The last document is the ID paperwork crediting the owner of the trademark as well as its legal representatives if it applies.

We have been managing the registration process of trademarks in Dubai for a long time now, we can help out with an abundance of things regarding your trademark registration, and since it is very crucial for your business, you are going to need a lot!

Once you have helped your business consultants to gather the information, and once they manage to procure the documents that must be issued by third parties it’s time to approach the Dubai Customs offices and submit your application. As per law requirements, you are expected to endure a 30-day wait period to allow government officials to do their job.

At WolfDocs, we have experience dealing with these agencies. The way they work is by making a full revision of the application to compare the features of your brand to the registries of other companies that are already published on the country’s public trademark journal.

Once they issue their ruling, you can either accept it or appeal it if you are willing to make the changes they point out.

The challenges of keeping a trademark in Dubai

After the reformation of the trademark laws in Dubai in 2002, trademark holders can retain the rights to a name for 10 years with a grace period of an additional 3-months granted if the holder wishes to renew the trademark.

If a user with a registered brand fails to make active use of the trademarked property over a period of 5 years, the ownership of it can be challenged for an interested third party.

A trademark is actually a tool used worldwide to make any business operation stand out on its own legs. It’s what creates a distinction between your products and the ones offered by your competitors. Dubai has a special law regulating the registration of trademarks on the mainland since 1992, and it received a special reform in 2002.

We work as per the guidelines outlined by all the government agencies (mentioned below) in the UAE

wolfdocs business setup consultant in Dubai, UAE works closely with all the government agencies
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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have WoldDocs prepare required documents. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest.

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