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visa and immigration consulting

visa and immigration consulting

The economic growth experienced in Dubai has attracted quite a large number of investors. Most of them are happy to work in the nation by coming and going while following the basic laws regarding immigration and visits, but others are willing to set shop permanently on the Arab nation. To make that happen, they will need to apply for a Residence Visa that allows them to live in the country full time as they do their business.

If you are an investor with little knowledge about the dealings of Dubai you need a Visa and immigrant consultant to handle the Visa for you. The team at WolfDocs can handle all the logistics related to any type of Visa you need and more.

No matter what type of visa do you want, Wolfdocs will be able to set it up (if not effortlessly!). We are professionals and the only way to maintain that trait is by delivering on all of our projects; something we have not failed to do just yet.

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You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Looking to earn your way as an immigrant to Dubai?

There are quite a number of options to access the country depending on your budget or what you are looking to do on it. If you are being employed by a company, you can obtain a work permit that can be extended for up to 3 years, the application should be handled by the company contacting you.

The company itself should meet certain qualifications asked out from companies that hire foreign talent.

Whatever is the nature of your business, once you have figured out what you are intent on doing you can even apply for more than one type of visa based on your needs related to business or if you have a family that moves around with you?

To get the complete rundown on the visas available, you can read the brief description of each one in the following list:

This one is granted after family, or relative living in Dubai sponsors your visit, is probably one of the most random legal instruments provided by the nation to foreigners since they will ask questions about the nature of your visit. It’s also very likely that they will want to know your social status and approve it or deny it based on the information you provide.

This permit is granted to visitors for brief periods of time, usually no more than 30 days. The simple nature of document does not require the involvement of government officials since these are usually provided by lodging facilities or travel agencies.

This is the only type of visa that allows foreigners to live and work in the country for up to three years, although, recent reforms on these regulations are being done to offer extensions on these visas for 10 years.

As we already mentioned this permit is issued at the request of an employer, but you will still be asked questions about the nature of the work you are being hired for.

What the law says about granting a Visa

It’s necessary to understand that applying to a visa does not automatically means that will be granted one. Investors usually do have it easier to get access to the country since they are putting their money to favor the expanding economy of the nation. Work permits, however, are a very different matter.

Government officials will usually inquire the company about the need to hire foreign talent instead of the local one. After they justify their decision, they will issue a contract that will get you one foot in the nation as the reforms made to the law consider a work contract the acceptance of a job offer.

Getting a visa comes down to the role you are intent on playing in Dubai, is not exactly a lottery, it’s more of a matter of offering the right information about your dealing to the country’s authorities.

We work as per the guidelines outlined by all the government agencies in the UAE

wolfdocs business setup consultant in Dubai, UAE works closely with all the government agencies
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