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Tourism Industry in Dubai and Tourism Related Business Opportunities

The travel and tourism industry of Dubai contributes directly to 20% of the GDP of Dubai as well as 6% of the entire employment. Dubai is known as one of the top 10 destinations for tourism in the world and attracts both the travellers for work as well as vacation. The tourism of Dubai is classified as:

  • Organisation of trade shows as well as conventions which are licensed by department of economic development.
  • Travel agency as well as tour operator that is licensed by department of tourism as well as commerce marketing.

What makes Dubai such a popular tourism destination?

Over the years it has become the most popular as well as prestigious place of attraction for tourists. The reason being:


It has some luxurious hotels that offer the tourists great experience during their stay in Dubai. The hotels are one of the reasons it so very popular among new as well as existing tourists.

A mixture of local culture and cosmopolitan lifestyle

Visitors can have a taste of the cosmopolitan city along with traditional aspects of the local culture. So whether you visit a place of entertainment or local markets you will be full of energy and be high spirited.

Great shopping experience

It has the world’s largest mall and hence the shopping facilities here are popular across the world. You will be able to have a look at the latest fashion and also avail platinum and diamonds from the gold markets at an affordable price.

Many exciting things to do

An individual cannot try each and everything that Dubai offers by visiting it once. Hence people are seen to visit it more often. Be it skiing or enjoying a motorcycle ride on the sand dunes, Dubai offers varied experiences to its tourists.

So with a plan for new tourism destinations, shopping malls, cultural venues, entertainment activities as well as leisure, Dubai can be more popular place for travel and tourism.

Business set-up in Dubai: Travel and Tourism

Many travel companies in Dubai have set up a business. It is a well known travel hub and thus tourism traffic in the country is huge. Dubai Airport has been created as such a travel which is very convenient. As a result many transit passengers visit the country. Tourism has also made a huge impact on other business such as nightclubs, bars as well as restaurants that are expanding.

So if you begin with a travel agency business in Dubai proper registration and licenses are essential. You need confirm the kind of license that is required to build up your business. There are two types such as:

  1. Inbound as well as outbound tourism operation: If you wish to arrange outbound trips for the tourists, tour within UAE, sight-seeing as well exhibitions that are international, then submission of the following documents to the department of tourism is mandatory:
  2. Application form that should be duly formed.
  3. A valid passport for travelling to foreign lands.
  4. A career certificate of the applied individual
  5. A report regarding how technically reasonable the project is.
  6. A character certificate of the company’s owner.
  7. Submission of a processing fee by the applied individual.

Travel agency business:

A tourism operator is helped by a travel agent in operational aspects such as like providing VISA support, accommodation, several guided tours as well as proper handling of transportation. Essential documents are:

  1. The required fee for consent.
  2. Policy of insurance taking care of each and every activity.
  3. An office location related lease contract.
  4. Certificate of clearance that is generated by the Dubai police.
  5. Certificates of relevant experience of work.
  6. A request approval of the agency’s trade name

Initiatives of tourism

To boost the travel as well as tourism sector, several initiatives were launched by UAE. Some of the well known initiatives are listed as following:

Sustainable development of tourism in Abu Dhabi:

It is taken care by department of culture and tourism. It involves:

  • Preparing the annual report of sustainability
  • Launching as well as implementing the green tourism along with hotel initiatives
  • Holding exhibitions and conferences related to the environment.

Ajman Strategic Plan for tourism(2015-2021):

Its mission is to make its tourism sector more developed and sustainable in order to become the destination of choice for each and every tourists. It is done through strategic partnerships as well as continuous innovation that are much effective. It focuses on :

  • Making an improvement in the customer experience and also providing value added services.
  • Operative usefulness.

Dubai strategic Plan for tourism (2020):

It was launched in the year 2013. Its main objective is to attract 20 million customers every year by 2020. It focuses on establishing Dubai as the only choice for international leisure as well as business trip. Thus it aims at making the country’s offering in various events, services, attractions as well as infrastructure much broadened and attracting a larger audience. It has a focus on three main objectives:

  • Maintaining a well balanced market share in the existing markets.
  • Enlarging the share of the market thus having a direct impact on the growth potential.

Sharjah strategic Plan for tourism (2021):

Its main objective is to attract a crowd of 10 million and more by 2021. To achieve this they will work with 4 strategies such as:

  • Promoting Sharjah as an ideal destination for family tourism. This will be done by providing distinct packages along with offers made especially for families.
  • Making use of innovative solution as a part of innovative approach towards tourism to improve the experience of the tourists.
  • Providing an excellent facility as well as capabilities related to tourism through partnership and collaboration. Thus efficiency in the tourism sector is enhanced.
  • To promote Sharjah as a cultural hub internationally by making the families aware of its cultural as well as heritage elements.
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